level 80 (again)

Tanzi is now level 80 – thanks very much to Kalyyn, Emaimee, Dimzad and various guildies who mentored me round some lowbie zones 😀  I’ve started on her epic but somewhat unsurprisingly feel rather burned out by the whole Tanzi levelling – I am still aiming to try and have her epic by Tuesday though.

So level 80 in just under 2 weeks – no record to be sure but pretty fast.  The fastest levelling from was 20-50 (stormhold, crushbone keep, runnyeye, nek castle & a few collection quests).  50-65 was a bit slower (everfrost, lavastorm questlines, some tenebrous tangle & den of the devourer) and once I got to Kylong Plains and worked through the questlines, it seemed to fly past 🙂

We had tons of fun last night – 12 of us went off to an old content raid zone, Halls of the Seeing, for a bit of dragon killing and giggles.  The first half of the zone was very easy and Saraya got to dps.  I do love seeing how far I can push her dps  – having a dirge and a coercer in my group meant some lovely buffs and I managed 4.5k dps which I was very happy with (our assassin (kas) and Dimzad’s coercer were doing around 6-7k!)   Not bad for a bunch of casuals 😉  The second half of the zone was a bit trickier so I switched to healing.  It still held a challenge for us with all the stuns and adds so we had a few comedy wipes (including one where I tried to rez a mob thinking it was our tank Eduthooha – nope not just a mis-target I actually thought the stone giant lying on the floor was our Ogre guard :P)  We got to Venekor’s room and had a few bad attempts at it and we were all getting a bit tired and a little disheartened until Saskay commented that we would kill the mob just fine if we could just get in the room*  This had us in absolute stitches – Light of the Wolf are so ubah they could kill a mob if only they could get in the room 😛  anyway we have a new slogan – LoTW: they came, they saw, they got stuck at a door.  We did get into the room and we did kill Venekor 😀

*to get into the room, you first have to pull a trap mob who is just across the threshold.  If you cross the threshold at the wrong spot, you start the Venekor ring event, you get ported into the room into the wrong tanking spot, you then get kicked into adds which are dotted around the edge of the room and raidforce is wiped.  Once the trap mob is killed, you have to do a conga line to the central pillar you then veer off at a 45 degree angle to the far left corner.  If you fight in this corner you don’t get the adds.  Oh and remember to use the amulet before /as you pull Venekor as it cannot be cast in combat 😛


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