*eats hat*

well… you know I said I’d been cured of my altoholism… 😳 Meet the new improved Tanzi, SK extraordinaire!


I suddenly realised, the reason I wasn’t keen on levelling Fizzi is because she is a mage.   I just can’t enjoy the root and nuke aspect of mages, in any RPG not just EQ2.  I either like to wade in and deal out the damage or sneak about and snipe (is that a word?!) with my bow.  Even Saraya, I have to say I enjoy because she can wade in there with a big hammer  as I don’t normally play healers either 😉    I have to say that out of all the mages, Fizzi (illy) and Pickle (necro) have been the most fun but even so…  I had decided also that while having baby alts is fun (can go out grouping with ppl levelling up or can go back to old content if I fancy it), having more than one of each type at max level is just painful and annoying… the rares, the gear, the epic quest, the AA (its why I retired Asirra – though assassins are quite different to rangers… there is still too much in common to make gearing up fun).  So anyway, I now have a scout, a healer and a soon to be fighter at max level which does leave the field open for a mage to be levelled to cap in the future if I feel like it.

I have to say I have been having HUGE fun with the SK.  The aoes are awesome, the lifetaps are oh so handy 😉  The very first Tanzi was a Shadowknight, got deleted and re-rolled as a fury and so she went back to her roots and was recreated on Friday night (she was lvl 15 by the time I finished), got her to lvl 20 by th beginning of last night and then we went to Stormhold with Dimzad (80 zerker) and Iblis (Emaimee’s lvl 80 warlock).  Such a fun group!  Obviously hugely overpowered for the zone but full on aoe slaughter is so much fun 😉  I got to lvl 24 and we had started running out of nameds so we went on to Crushbone Keep and slaughtered some orcs for the good of Norrath hehe.  In 1.5 hrs I had gained 10 levels and was lvl 30 😀  2 collection quests later and I was wearing my 32 armour (thank you Dimzad!!)

We will be off to Runnyeye, Nek Castle, Cazic Thule in the next few days for some more slaughter/levelling 😀  I would love to be lvl 80 with epic by the expansion 😀


2 comments on “*eats hat*

  1. Once an alt-a-holic, always an alt-a-holic! 🙂
    It’s always fun to re-visit old zones though… I’ll have to think about which alt I want to play next!

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