Its a very strange time in game at the moment.  I keep thinking oh I want to finish the tradeskill achievements… oh no may as well wait for the expansion and get the xp for it.  Same with all my green + quests and collections, no point handing in / completing those as I may as well wait for the expansion and get the xp 😉  I don’t really have much motivation for the game…

I have been logging in here and there though.  I have been doing book quests (see suzita’s new house page) as I now have a lot of shelves to fill 😉 and I have been trying to clear out some old grey quests too.  Decorating is going in fits and starts.  Lanegan’s house is finished, am stuck with the Maj’Dul house as I cannot get enough of the ‘right’ items, am stuck with Fizzi’s living area too, Suzita’s house is a long term project and Pickle’s house is also finished.  I have also done a little Frostfell house/store for Periwinkle so I will update screenies for Pickle and Periwinkle soon.

I also seem to be cured of my altoholism.  Even with the smoothing out of the xp requirements for levels (and ppl in my guild have been shooting up the levels!) I just can’t bring myself to have a 3rd alt.  Suzita and Saraya are enough to gear up tbh.  I do like having my alts there in case I fancy going back to old content / levelling up but I just don’t feel like having a 3rd character to play. Feels quite strange 😛

3-4 weeks to wait and I will have 2 characters to level up to 90 plus 5 tradeskillers so I will have more than enough to do soon 😉

Have played some Dragon Age recently and am currently at lvl 14 and about to carry on the main quest in Orzhammer after messing around with side quests.  Am still really enjoying it.


One comment on “waiting…

  1. Everyone seems to be waiting for the expansion to turn in quests/collections! The increased level cap will definitely keep adventurers and crafters busy for a while. 🙂

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