Site updates

I have added a Raptr sig to my ‘About’ page (I couldn’t use the iframe on my sidebar and the signatures couldn’t be re-sized properly to be placed there :()

I have updated Lanegan’s House with the last 2 screenies and updated Fizzi’s house which is a work in progress.

In EQ2 I have been having a nice noodling time.  Just doing some solo updates, collecting city fair tokens & some decorating.  We have a PR raid planned for Friday night which should be good fun and hopefully some myth updates will be got 🙂

In Dragon Age – I have worked through the Mage Circle and am now at Redcliffe Castle stage.  After I have done Redcliffe, it will be more side quests time.  The Ranger speciality is excellent – those pets are tough and do some good damage!  I am a bit disappointed with the Archery line though, the special attacks seem to take ages to go off and I do wonder if the quicker auto attack does more damage overall (wonder if act works with DA :P)  Had to cut down my DA playing time though as it was giving me eyestrain lol.  The add on has been delayed afaik and I hadn’t realised that there will be an expansion for the game (to rebuild the grey wardens) which is currently planned for March.  The extra content is good news 🙂


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