Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone 😀

I’m still enjoying playing Dragon Age but have found time for some EQ2 too.  I have started DA again… my 3rd ranger *hides* and now called Saraya.  She’s a human noble this time and I decided to start again as I messed up Merla’s skills tree & missed a couple of important items…  I also realised after I had done a fair bit of the game that I had forgotten to switch back the difficulty mode to normal and I felt like I was cheating LOL

Alistair doing the cool finishing blow (yep I died – I had aggro issues as usual 😛 and I couldn’t be bothered to do the fight again as it was pretty late)

Killing the Ogre

Saraya with her current party (L-R Leliana, Saraya, Wynne, Alistair and the back of some mage)

Saraya & Gang

I quite like this party though I am thinking of switching out Leliana for other ppl and will have Morrigan in for the final fight.  I am also going to do some of the rogue quests with Sten, Zevran & Morrigan for a bit of a change.   Currently fighting my way out of the Fade in the Mage’s Tower for the 2nd time 😉

In EQ2 I logged in on New Year’s Day to find that the City Faires were now live :O  Was a bit of a shock as it means I now have until the 7th to finish anything Frostfell related AND now get some tokens together to buy Kelethin furniture.  Although I love the idea of these Faires it is a bit scary to try and forward plan to buy any house items you may want as the Faire won’t return to Kelethin for another 6 months and 6 months is a LONG time to wait for the house items you need 😉

Light of the Wolf also have a Facebook group now for those of us who are interested.  It is open to current Guild members only and if the link doesn’t work, there is a link on our forums too.  We have a Thuuga raid planned for tonight.  I’m not going to be able to get on until around 9 probably so hopefully there will be enough people on 🙂


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