*shakes fist at pawbuster*

Sunday night was Pawbuster night.  We had pretty much the same gang turn up but we ended up with our friend (in another guild) bringing along his raid geared SK to tank for us.  The first pull didn’t go so well, so we ran back to GH, got some relics to ward against the stun and the second pull was a much much better attempt.   We lost the fight when we moved pawbuster over the grate – we should have stopped dps and us healers should have just got out of range until he was positioned.  As it was, we didn’t 😉 we all got hit by the stun, a few people died and his health was back up to 32% or so and he had his ‘hitting like a steamroller’ buff 😛  It was late so we had to call it there – which was a shame as I think we would have got him on the 3rd pull.  So we have 3 raids for weds, thurs and fri this week – a partially cleared instance of PR on weds, a new instance of Tairiza on thurs and we’re going back to Pawbuster on Friday.  Fingers crossed we’ll get some myth updates this week 🙂  I’m a little worried that the scheduling is a little too much, especially given the time of year but we can only wait and see 🙂

I logged on last night to run Fizzi through the prelude event and frostfell quests and ended up switching to Saraya as I managed to sneak onto a pickup raid for Tairiza with Anselm.  The first few pulls on trash were a little messy but we ended up gelling together pretty well.  It was a fairly lopsided raid (was heavy on classes who needed Tairiza for update :D) but it actually worked very well and the spider queen went down pretty quickly and easily.  So I still need Levi & Nexona on Saraya – I will be keeping an eye out for pickup raids as if I can get my inq mythed it will certainly help the rest of my guildies get their myth updates.  I do wonder whether we should advertise our raids and take in some pickups…  I do prefer just us guildies though as the atmosphere is more relaxed and friendly plus if we sod it all up – we laugh 😉

I did manage to finish the prelude event on Fizzi too 😉


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