wow :)

I’m very proud of our guild, we managed to 2-group Protector’s Realm up to the last 2 nameds (the adventurer group & Imzok).  I know that myth updates are 2 a penny now and that many guilds have been doing this for a long time but… for our little assorted band of casual adventurers, it was a great achievement 🙂  I had actually been very worried about this whole thing and thought I was completely mental for even trying to organise this.  We’re a casual guild with a very relaxed playstyle which although is a wonderful, friendly, fun atmosphere that I wouldn’t change for the world, it does mean that can be very hard to get something like this done as often people cannot commit in advance, have RL commitments (myself included :P),  don’t sign up on our calendar or just aren’t interested.  So I had logged in with some trepidation… how many people will turn up? will we have anything even vaguely resembling a decent setup? will we be able to kill *anything*? omg I’m in charge of a raid, is anyone going to listen to me?

As it turned out it looks like I over-worry and I was really pleased to find out that I’m not completely mental 😉  So in the end we had: Ashenshugar (pally), Saraya (inq), Saskay (mystic), Glarim (coercer), Anselm (assassin) & Marche (dirge) for the main tank group and Eduthooha (guard), Munu (warden), Ysbwriel (fury), Arutus (illy), Ivaan (brig) &  Woodyelf (monk) for the off tank group.  The setup worked very well and we managed to take down the first 4 skelly nameds and doomcoil with few problems (though doomcoil definitely had it in for our briggy Ivaan as he died 5 times during the fight ;)).  We also got some plat which more than covered any repair bills ;), I got some boots which were an upgrade for Saraya, Kajen nipped in and snagged a nice off hand, Ysbwriel got a master and Ivaan also got a sword.  The healing was quite fun and I should definitely try my hand at whack-a-mole after all the curing I did.  The only thing I didn’t like was staying at range (thought it was safer than trying to heal & joust) as I couldn’t add to the dps but… I was there as a healer…  I did manage to cast a fair few debuffs, damage reactives and occasional damage spells though which I don’t normally do as things in instances seem to die too quickly to bother.  I think I did OK leading the raid too – I think I led it anyway 😉  It was a little hard to lead as the previous times I have been in here were with our allied guild and it was so quick that tbh I had no idea what was going on 😉 It was nice to see everyone contributing to the strats though and I think there was a nice relaxed feel to the raid (including a marvellous rendition of tanking queen by saskay and ivaan :D).

We got to the group of adventurers and were down to 10 ppl.  We had a few tries at them but we weren’t successful.  So as the zone is persistent, we will be coming back on Wednesday to hopefully finish the zone and get Edu, Munu & Modron their myth updates.  We have Pawbuster on Sunday & Tairiza on Thursday – so I hope it all works out 🙂  If it does… I will try for the 2nd stage of updates (levi, selrach, mmis etc) in early Jan and then we can see whether VP is an option 😀

anyway well done all!  and sorry no screenies this time  – I was healing 😛


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