woot! thex mallet!

We did a quick run of Maiden’s for Anselm’s epic update – was a good blast through there.  Then an even quicker run through OOA for a shard and Glarim’s thex update and then the group very kindly came out to Kizdean Gix’s tomb for the final kill 🙂  Was a very long fight, that guy had an awful lot of health….  Glarim did a great job of mezzing all the adds though (he had 8 pinned down by the end!) and the group did a fantastic job 🙂  The whole fight was very smooth –  thanks again all!

Saraya now has a new big thwacky hammer:
Saraya's Thex Mallet

I took it for a spin round Scion and it has made a big difference to DPS so will be great for when I’m soloing or for trash fights / 2nd healer situations.  It does look a little silly though 😛


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