tanking queens

I got so much done in-game yesterday!

We managed to log in for a couple of hours during the day so Dimzad and Saraya duo-ed Nizara as Glarim (Dimzad’s coercer) needed The Rift updates in there.  We had tried with Glarim and Saraya but it was a little slow and more prone to wiping, so Dim & Sar cleared the place and left Mistress Zh’vari for Glarim’s update.  I love the zerker and inqy duo, it kills things quickly and has a high survivability chance – what more could you ask for?!  We took down the epicx4 too, which did leave us feeling pretty smug I have to admit 😉  Dimzad logged Glarim in for his named update and we had a go, but um failed pretty quickly.  However, Koni (Kajen’s guard) had impeccable timing and logged in just as we were rezzing.  He very kindly came and helped us (even after we admitted we hadn’t put a flag down and were currently running round like headless chickens trying to find the named again :P) and that was that 😉

In the evening a bunch of us went and killed Gorenaire.  It was a pretty funny and to be honest, embarrassing fight.   Although there were only 6 of us… (Dimzad, Suzita, Woodyelf, Saskay, Anselm, Izebella)   There were a few deaths and subsequent standing waiting for the lifts to get back into the fight and the dragon, obviously with the porting etc, was all over the place.  It took us 2 attempts as the first time we all ran out of power.  When the dragon died, all you could hear over voicechat was us all laughing at the absolute mess of the fight and slight unbelief that after all that we’d killed it 😉  Suzita now has Deathtoll access, so there will be a Guild trip there soon for a new Trophy for our Hall (plus I need revenge as my bow never dropped from DT :P)

LoTW V Gorenaire (and I didn’t cause a wipe getting this screenie :P)

Evernight Abbey was the double shard so Dimzad, Suzita, Saskay, Anselm, Woodyelf & Arutus went off and did that.  We really cba to do the whole zone so we just went straight to Marcus (via the 2 central nameds), for our mission updates and shard chest.  It was a funny run especially when Saskay’s dog pulled Marcus Thex before we were ready (TWICE! lol) anyone someone sang the Benny Hill music as Marcus came running after all of us 😉  Ysbwriel & Ivaan also wanted to do the the double sharder in EA so we switched around some alts and Koni tanked, I logged to Saraya, Dimzad to Glarim & Arutus to Senquis and we did it a 2nd time.  We did the same quick run again and updates / shards were got.  As we all stood on the central tomb, Ivaan commented that ‘we were like the f-ing SAS then’ which just cracked us all up.

After messing about in the Guild Hall, Eduthooha and Munu logged in, so they joined us (with Glarim & Senquis having logged) and we did a quick Deep Forge run for some more shards.  Koni & Ivaan have a new tanking song – sung to Dancing Queen by Abba, I can’t remember their version of the lyrics but its pretty silly and pretty funny (something like tanking queen! feel the taunt!)  I sometimes feel like I’m back in the sixth form… and that’s a good thing 😛  (I haven’t even mentioned the Cartman / Mr T impressions either :o)

All in all an excellent day of updates, shards, achievements & giggles 😛


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