why scouts never stay still

Went into Nizara last night to get updates for The Rift quest with Suzita, was the usual chaos of being thrown for miles and mobs adding from miles away 😉  Was a lot of fun though and Eduthooha got his pages updates and we both got the kill update.  So hopefully now we can kill Chel’Drak at the weekend to finish the quest.  Saskay (Kajen’s mystic) then persuaded us to have a run into Anathema as it was double shard.  Being the shard whore that I am (spent them all and still need Saraya’s T2 armour :P) I leapt at the chance even though it was starting to get a bit late (ooh yeah its a rock and roll lifestyle in LoTW :P)  It all went fairly smoothly and we found ourselves at the golem named.  He does hit pretty hard and Eduthooha died… so brave ranger that I am… I took over tanking him as his health was orange.  I have to admit I only hoped to stay alive long enough for the healers to rez Edu but I ended up bouncing up, down and over the stairs kiting him, trying to finish him off and trying to stay in range of heals…  It felt like aaaaaages – I’m not sure how long it was but I know we got him down to under 10% I think before his stupid adds spawned and healed him back to full health.  Was huge amounts of fun though 🙂  We got him on 2nd try and he went down nice and easy 🙂  We carried on for a bit and got to the icy lake room when we decided to call it as we were all so tired we were starting to make very silly mistakes – hopefully we should get back in there tonight to finish the zone and collect our final 2 shards.

Glad to say that after a couple of sessions playing suzita, I am back into the swing of it and no longer need the title of n00b ranger 😛

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