Have been busy in game last couple of days.  A couple of guildies (Anselm & Koni/Saskay) are working on their epics for their latest alts so have been giving a hand with that.  Had a very silly and very funny run through Scion on Sunday when it was the hot zone – it was distinctly icy though we did get an exquisite with a master & mage hat from the final guy.  Kajen’s mystic was healing the zone, so Suzita got to go out and fire off a few arrows 😀  That was fun to be honest, I do enjoy playing Saraya but was nice to be watching the threat meter rather than health bars 😉

A few of us also did a Deep Forge run which went very smoothly on the whole.  So I had built up around 90 shards and then yesterday daytime went and spent them all on jewellery for Saraya 😮 I still need to get her T2 set too, so looks like some shard grinding is coming my way…   I re-did her AA yesterday (she’s currently at 199!) and followed some forum advice and I think I now have a good dps/heal setup and I won’t need to keep switching specs now.  I have kept a pure heal spec on AA mirror which gives me an extra 14% cast speed & extra 6% heal crit (which actually isn’t as impressive as it sounds :P) but the spec I have should be really good for soloing and grouping 🙂   Last thing left to do with Saraya is to decide which T1 set to upgrade to T2 (pious or granite) and I’m wondering if its worth it with the expansion being 3 months away…  Will depend on how quick I can get the shards together.

I also went slightly mad and put a post on the forum to see how many people in the guild were interested in trying to get their myth…  Well aside from myself, Dimzad & Kalyyn offering to help – I’ve had 4 replies…  Its not enough lol  I know a couple of other people in the guild would probably be interested but I think we need at least 2 full groups to even attempt this and for all these people to commit to all myth raids…  I’ll give a bit longer and see what happens, it is a little disappointing but half expected – this is a casual guild after all 😉  I think I will setup a PR or Pawbuster raid for early January and just see who signs up.  If it goes all horribly wrong we can always go off and kill some old raid content for achievement / quest updates 😛


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