shiny new rainbow weps!

We had a great time last night.  We had a slightly record breaking number of people on in the Guild (19) and 13 of those were able to come along to the 3 mini raids & the final raid with Darathar.  The mini raids went very smoothly aside from the Firemyst Gully instance where we were zoned into 3 separate instances, however we only had to wait 20 mins and a very cheery little gnome GM came along and got us all into the same instance 🙂

1 little heroic version of DFC later and it was time to kill the big dragon himself.  It is just amazing to go back to newbie isle, running through certain spots just brings back so many memories – it was great to come back ‘older’ 😉  Anyway, clearing through the trash & the 2 nameds on the way was very straightforward and we were in the ocean facing Darathar.


The initial pull was pretty easy, Koni’s health seemed very well under control so I messed around taking some action shots:


Unfortunately, once I’d switched my UI back I realised it was a *bad* time for a healer to start taking screenies.  Koni died 😦 but Eduthooha took over.  After that myself, Sullivan & Ysbwriel managed to keep most of the raid alive until the last 30 seconds and we were hit by a massive AOE.  Enough of us survived to finish him off though 😉  I have to say it was not my best night for healing – so sorry all 😛  It doesn’t help though when everything is on super easy mode and it then ratchets up a few notches, you don’t have time to get into a rhythm etc and clearly it had nothing to do with 1 of the healers being absent and taking screenies instead of healing 😳

Light of the Wolf triumphant ;):


Finally we went off and claimed our shiny new little prismatics from Naggy and of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Nagafen without *someone* having a go at him ;):


Guildies: Sullivan, Saraya, Koni, Anselm, Occitan, Ruari, Arutus, Eduthooha, Ysbwriel, Valerya, Magania, Woodyelf, Baldarchie, Ivaan


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