Trying to remember what I did this week – knew I should have made the effort to update more often 😛  I have no idea what I did on Monday and Tuesday… Wednesday though was a hugely funny trip into Evernight Abbey to get updates for the Book of Thex HQ for Saraya.  I don’t know why but we wiped a LOT (possibly something to do with all the teasing, chit chat and giggling going on in voice chat ;)), it was pretty funny really.  We did clear most of the zone without real problems, I got my Thex update and an exquisite chest from Marcus Thex.  We just had the pythoness left, we knew the drill and most of us had killed her before but hadn’t attempted with this particular group setup before.  We wiped a few times and hadn’t lasted for very long, so Kajen logged his swashy in for the AOE blocker and we wiped again.  At this point I suggested that I went off and got my heal AA spec (I thought it was perfectly sensible coming along with my dps spec as we had a mystic and warden in group too although the rest of the group found that quite funny :P)  However, without Kajen’s mystic my heal AA spec was definitely needed especially as I have Holy Shield (Batman!) which I think also helps with that nasty stun.  Anyway, after a further practice run *cough*, we killed her smooth as anything 😀

Last night we went into the Estates of Unrest for Anselm’s assassin epic update.  We had a lot of fun running through here again (I do love this zone).  I don’t think we had a Light of the Wolf Comedy Wipe™ though 😦  The update was by the Festering Hag and after logging Suzita in and delivering some butterfly totems, we could see him and he was duly killed.  At this point it was getting on a bit and we were all pretty tired so we thought we’d kill the Festering Hag and then call it.  We were clearing the jail cells when one of us got knocked back onto the Hag and so we fought her slightly earlier than planned 😉  Koni (Kajen’s guard) was ported into a cell within a few seconds, I (healer) got ported on the way to freeing Koni, I know Anselm and Jianne (assassin & swash) were ported rather quickly after that which left Woodyelf (monk) and Fearghal (defiler) killing the Hag rather too efficiently while the rest of us cheered from the cells 😛  Class, just class 😀

Off for some old content raiding this evening and it should see a few of us get some sparkly prismatics for our appearance slots 🙂

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