5 things about eq2…

I was reading Ysharros’ blog – Stylish Corpse which mentioned a challenge set down by Syp to blog about 5 things about EQ2 that are better than WoW.  I thought this might be a fun challenge and so here they are:

(*disclaimer haven’t played WoW so it is more a ‘5 things I love about EQ2 :P’)

  1. Decorating, Decorating, Decorating. There are tons of different housing types available in the game, including the unplanned ability to escape out of your house / guild hall and decorate in parts of Antonica, Commonlands and Kelethin.  The sheer amount of house items that are available (player made, looted & quest rewards) now make decorating a very fun sideline.  There is also the ‘save layout’ command (you can save a layout and then edit the text file to either precisely place items OR to put rugs on walls, spin items etc) which totally free decorators to completely change the look of the housing.
  2. Events.  The festivals which happen each year (tinkerfest, frostfell etc) give you something fun to look forward to away from levelling / gearing up / running x instance for the x time.  They also tend to offer unique house items which clearly is a selling point for me 😉  They have recently introduced the Moonlight Event which gives amazing house items (such as trees, flowers, rocks, mushrooms) and will be introducing City Festivals in the New Year which will be offering new house items (yay! more!), new formal wear and Gis.
  3. Versatility of playstyle.  I love the fact that I can be completely anti-social and go off and do some solo questing or decorating or crafting, but also be able to group up with people and giggle a lot (well our guild does anyway, esp when we die in a fantastic manner ;)).  Raiding is also there of course and there are also roleplay guilds / servers for those who are into that sort of thing.  I really think there is something for everyone and I think each sector is dealt with pretty well on the whole (from my perspective at least :P)
  4. Shinies.  I actually have a macro which makes Suzita point and /say Ooh Shiny!  There is something about them which totally brings out my inner magpie – the general sparkliness and acquisitiveness I guess 😛  It does make getting out and about in the world much more fun though when you see a sparkly little ?  The rewards range from fabulous (TSO blue shinies can give rather nice equipment, the candles collection in Mistmoore Castle gave a piano reward which was very unique at the time) to very bleh.  Um yeah there are red shinies (master crafters), blue shinies (expert goggles / items), purple shinies (tied to events and are for a limited time) and the bog standard yellow shiny…
  5. Appearance customisation.  I remember when I first started playing that I went through various ‘styles’ (blue leather pyjamas, ming the merciless style xegonite armour) and used to be fairly happy that at least it all matched and I could hide my footballer’s helmet from view.  The problem came when I hit lvl 70 (cap at the time) and started upgrading to legendary and fabled drops – at times I looked at those I had got dressed in the dark (I distinctly remember the look I had to run round in for a while of a green relic chain chestpiece, purple shoulder piece and clashing green legs (for a while with red boots which was just fabulous!))  So now that we have appearance slots I can wear my Kithicor set for appearance and items which are appearance only (Shard of Love) are also making their way in.  I was also really pleased when the option to show your bow came in too 🙂  Its a small thing…

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