omg! n00b ranger!

I had a very fun and very productive night in Norrath Saturday night.  I had organised a raid into the Ascent of the Awakened: Audience with the Guardian and about 8 of us turned up for it.  Rollcall: Dimzad, Kalyyn (yay! St Kal managed to spare a few hours away from his gorgeous new baby!), Kajen’s mystic Saskay, Anselm (assassin), Woodyelf (monk), Eduthooha (guard) and Ivaan (briggy).  I took my ranger suzita as she was the only one who had completed the access quest (yay!)  Anyway, this raid went very smoothly and quickly, although it is very annoying that you can only spawn one dragon at a time…

um this either Talendor or Gorenaire (I can’t for the life of me remember which one we ended up killing :P)

AoA Dragon

It was a fun fight – I ended up pulling the dragon for Dimzad with not-so-amazing shot and then killing a few adds which were hitting the healers before concentrating on the dragon.  He went down very easily, which was all good.  Anyway suzita and a few others got 1 update for DT access.  We then went off and killed Harla Dar (I think our biggest challenge here was finding our way round the zone :P), Suzita now has updates for DT access AND the stupid HQ 😉

The night was still young so we thought we’d have another go at Chel’Drak.  I switched to Saraya as she was on the quest to kill this epic.  This was a totally fun fight – we decided to ignore the strat as detailed on wiki and Dimzad just kept area-ing away and when the mage/fighter etc specific mobs spawned he just targetted them and as we were all targetting through Dimzad, the right class ended up burning down their add.  It worked very well I’m glad to say – top tanking there little dwarf 😉  Saraya had a bit of a nightmare through the fight though, the warrior adds seemed to lock or switch or target, which made healing Eduthooha and Ivaan a bit dicey.  As I was having to use group heals and group reactives my power was getting burned through.  I ended dying twice as I couldn’t lose target to heal myself but I bravely rezzed and got ported back into the fight 😉  I think we did only have a couple of casualties aside from me.   We now have a new trophy for the Guild Hall too 🙂

At this stage I was pretty tired and was going to go off and carry on running alts through the Moonlight event.  However, Arutus needed an update for his epic in Chardok and Suzita was the only one on who had all the gate crystals needed so I ended up helping out.  I have to admit I was slightly bored and impatient as I didn’t really want to be there and that combined with being slightly out of practice & forgetting Eduthooha wasn’t mythed meant I really didn’t do anything to improve the reputation of rangers… In fact probably quite the opposite 😛  Aggro management was a real issue, rangers pulls happened left, right and centre…  I’m sorry Edu… really sorry – I must have made tanking Chardok really horrible 😦  The good news is though, we didn’t wipe, we got Arutus’s update and killed a fair few nameds in the process.  It turned out that these were the last 2 updates that Arutus needed for his epic, so I am really glad that I did go along.  My last ranger pull was pretty funny though, we were just clearing some trash to have a go at the bugged named (seems to be no longer bugged btw) when somehow… I have no idea how… I managed to target the named and drag him into the trash fight, I have to admit to absolutely cracking up at this point and only admitted the ranger pull to Kajen.  He died very easily though 😉


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