Here be drakes

The raids organised by Kajen for the Fire & Ice quest went very well and were huge amounts of fun.  We killed the 3 drakes in their various lairs, spoke to Vox,  killed the Giant King, gasped as the Sage of Ages was revealed to be Darathar and finally went and reported back to Lord Nagafen 😉  We had to /petition a couple of times as our 2 groups kept being sent to different versions of the instances and thankfully a GM appeared to sort out within 1/2 hr I think.

We will be doing the final quest Deception in a couple of weeks and that will be my 2nd prismatic weapon.  I’m looking forward to going back to newbie island for the final part.  Anyways while we were waiting for the GM, Sullivan and Arutus got a bit bored:


Its pretty freaky….

The guild / game has been a little quiet lately.  I think delaying the expansion until February is causing a lot of people to be bored / burnt out with the current content.  I am too in one sense, although the new house items in (and coming in) are keeping me amused and busy decorating 🙂  I do still enjoy grouping up with our guildies though.  I think we’re going to have some busy nights in guild… and some quiet ones… 😉  I guess though December will have Frostfell and whatever is happening in Freeport/Qeynos, January will be a tidying up month getting rdy for the expansion and then February, the grind begins again 😉  I can’t believe its nearly December already :O

Ah well I shall put some guild events on the calendar soon and try and get some HQs/old content raids done 🙂


One comment on “Here be drakes

  1. Everytime I read anything about “Fire & Ice” I keep thinking that I need to go back and finish the questline, I am such a slacker! Glad you guys got all the technical issues sorted out.

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