More Decorating ;)

Was a quiet night in game for me – baby was quite disturbed so I didn’t want to commit to an instance of any kind.  So I carried on working on Suzita’s and Lanegan’s houses in between baby calls.  I am really pleased with the way Suzita’s house is shaping up, aside from a few more finishing touches its really the bedroom/bathroom and the kitchen which need real work and I need to wait for the new City fairs to come in as I need the white marble 😉  I also need to think of something to do with the little alcove on the first floor…

Lanegan’s house is a bit different – she has a massive Gorowyn house, the only housing aside from Guild Halls  where you can really use the Moonlight items to full effect I think (well be able to have large trees etc).  So… one is room is Greater Faydark, another is Nektulos Forest and one is Sinking Sands.  I may make the last room Everfrost as Frostfell is coming up lol  The 2 basement rooms hold a massive maze made from the vampire mirrors.  Only problem with that is people can get stuck in the mirror 😦

2 comments on “More Decorating ;)

  1. I thought the wispy vampiric mirror is supposed to be transparent (like a pass-through)? You still get stuck in those? Just curious… haven’t really placed them in my house yet.

  2. sorry I wasn’t very clear – you can walk through them – its just if you have them placed together at right angles (corners touching) the pattern on the frame sticks out – and if you run into the corner you can get yourself stuck on the pattern… 😦 hmm might add to the fun I guess 😉

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