Tiny Ponies and Dwarves

I’ve been making a kind of dolls house with garden for the replicas I’ve been collecting from the Chronomage – and I came down to find a new Replica in my house…

Replica: Dimzad Ironfist

Yep that’s Dimzad Ironfist on the bed 😛 It really made me laugh anyway 😉

Monday night we ran some alts through Condemned Catacombs, lots of fun gobbie slayage was had 😉  To round off the night we called on a few more guildies to join in the fun and kill the Windstalker Rumbler and the NoTD scarecrow epic.  We had a couple of baby SKs with us (Voltaan, Sheea’s alt & Valerya a new member of the Guild) and they were using their oh-so-speedy SK horses…  We were killing ourselves laughing as the horses are so tiny and so slow…  So Voltaan and Valerya decided to get new surnames…


It was the best shot I could get as the pair wouldn’t stay still and kept zooming about on their tiny ponies 😛

Also did 2  runs through Halls of Fate last night.  Suzita solo’d the zone up until the next but last named (yay to soloing Sothis at last!!) when Dimzad joined me (and thank gawd he did, those groups went down sooo much quicker :P).  We got our replica and even though I knew it was likely to be the Doom Lord… I was still so disappointed we didn’t get a replica of Sothis 😦  Bleh SOE, you must know we want dragons for our houses!!   Did another run in the end with Eduthooha (guard), Saskay (Kajen’s cross dressing mystic), Saraya and Sullivan (Dimzad’s defiler).  It was huge fun, room pulling our way through.  We did get our butts kicked when we pulled about 3 rooms full due to kickbacks… we could probably even have dealt with that if it weren’t for the interrupts and giggling 😉

Looking forward to Friday as we’re planning on doing the prismatic raids green (with chronomagic).


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