I think I have gotten out of the habit of writing this blog…  about time I started up again though…

I’m all Night of the Dead’ed out now – you don’t want to know how many times I ran that maze to get hedges for decorating (this is hedges for our guild hall as well as my own decorating projects :O) its shocking… just shocking…  I just need to summon up the enthusiasm to grind out some more tokens from the live event to buy the things I may need in the future and that’ll be that…  I have a crazy amount of decorating projects on the go – suzita’s house (a couple of the rooms I am now happy with… the rest need that WOW factor badly…), Asirra’s house in Maj’dul (not been working out the way I want…), Pickle’s house in Neriak is now almost done (thinking of changing the stone I’ve used & seeing what turns up at Frostfell as she has a Fire & Ice theme), a house in Kelethin yet to decorate, Saraya’s house is now done aside from some table settings…  I’ll have to get some screenies up (and 1 of the guild maze ;)) oh and I’ve started on Lanegan’s house in Gorowyn 😛

Have also been adventuring lately 😉  I’ve been working on Suzita’s achievements (those I can do solo) but have mainly been taking Saraya out on guild groups as we are slightly lacking healers at the mo.  Its been great getting more healing experience though 🙂  Last night was one of the funniest nights I’ve had in the game  – the few glasses of wine I’d had probably contributed to that too…  We went into Nizara, had a ton of comedy wipes (people being kicked back all the way to the water at the beginning of the zone, Dimzad even got kicked back through a wall… I know dwarves are stout but that’s gotta be a joke?) Dimzad hates The Forgotten City / Nizara as he always gets lost, so we just ran around randomly killing things (and being thrown about in a superhero fashion) and we managed to collect our pages for The Rift quest and kill the named needed.  We decided (and I’m not sure I was the only one drinking here :P) that clearly that tonight we were UBAH and decided to try out the epic zones.  The x2 ended up being a no-go as not all of us had done the access quest so we thought pfft let’s go give that turtle dragon a kicking instead 😀  Oh did I mention there were 5 of us (Dimzad zerker, Eduthooha guard, me Saraya Inq, Woodyelf monk & Kajen speedo wearing swappy).  We read the strat after a couple of wipes  and realised that having no mage was a very bad idea and in fact that having at least 2 of each class might help our chances somewhat 😛  Was very funny though.

After the wipetastic turtle dragon event we needed to get back our mojo and decided that Anathema would do just nicely.  We invited along Chingus another zerker and Dimzad switched to his coercer Glarim.  The zone went very smoothly (well fairly smoothly considering I was quite tipsy and I started getting spinny halfway through the zone – we only had a couple of wipes :D)  I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about (swashy speedos did lower the tone of the conversation it has to be said, and there was a lot of teasing of rangers/tipsy inquisitors :P) but I don’t think I have giggled so much for a long time 🙂  Thanks guys – was a hugely funny evening 😉

The speedos in question:


(lol sorry Kajen 😛 that clothing bug is just too funny though ;))

Our halfling is teething at the moment so tonight I just did some decorating / tidying of houses and sneaked onto test (omg! some of the new house items coming in are just so cool!)

selection of house items


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