and… more decorating!

I finished decorating our Guild Hall’s tradeskill area, I’m really pleased with it and the response from the Guild has been lovely – thanks all 🙂  My aim was to make the tradeskilling area an interesting place to be, keep the item count down in the area to try and avoid lag, keep the npcs nice and accessible and still allow people to run through from the entrance way to the merchant area with no obstacles…

Entrance 1

Entrance 2
Entrance 2

Forge area
Forge area

Overall view of ground floor
Ground floor view

View of the ramp to upstairs
View of ramp upstairs

View from top of ramp
Upstairs view 1

View to left (upstairs)
Upstairs view 3

View to right (upstairs)
Upstairs view 2

Looking through to the bar
Looking through

Aside from that I have been helping with lots of guildy’s epic updates as we’ve had a fair amount of returnee’s and new people join the guild – so welcome all 🙂  Hopefully going to be getting an update in deepest Seb with asirra tonight (yep definitely half heartedly working on her epic ;))  she is still retired though…


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