decorating :)

Poor baby has a horrible stinking cold with a dose of wheezing thrown in…  which means not much sleep or anything else at the moment 😉   I did get a couple of hours respite last night and managed to plan the items needed to re-decorate our guild’s tradeskill area (this was before I realised myself and Dimzad would be up for most of the night, otherwise I think I would have done something more useful… like sleep 😛 lol)

While I haven’t been blogging, I also finished Pickle’s house (until they bring in the new room anyways…) half finished Saraya’s house (she will now be moving to a bigger house) and redone Suzita’s main room with a view to move things around when the new room comes in.  I will get some screenies up when I have time 🙂

I’m looking forward to the guild hall decorating, now I have the idea in my head I am itching to get it done!  We are completely revamping our Hall as we ended up at 996/1000 items and so not be able to put in any seasonal decorations.  We ended up closing down the side rooms in the basement and moving a few things about.



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