Well I haven’t been away from EQ2, have just found it hard to keep up my blog and I got out of the habit of it I think.  Hello all again 🙂

Still been having lots of fun playing, been out doing the usual instances.  We found out in Emporer’s Atheneum if you /rude at the crowd, they attack you…  Our swappy Kajen did this and we found it so hysterically funny that we all had a go 😉  Kalyyn added it to the wiki as an ‘interesting effect’ to try after you have killed the named there 😉  Was a very funny night, though we still haven’t killed that final set of 4 nameds in there – need to have a serious effort with them at some time.

My carpenter has now crept up to level 60 but I haven’t been levelling anyone else recently, either adventure or tradeskill.  I have been playing on test too (in a slacker fashion) since June.  I have a little shadowknight, ranger and fury and they are all in their teens adventure and crafter level 😉  I’m not part of a guild at the moment – its been quite fun and a challenge levelling and travelling without the support of a guild and its amenities…  I had forgotten how easy travel is now compared to how it was.  Not to mention the lack of money 😉  Though transmute fodder seems to sell well and I now have the sum total of around 40g!!  (yes very rich :P)  I play very erratically on there so am um-ing and ah-ing about seeing whether there is a guild out there which would have me…  Talking of test – the stuff coming in GU 53 is fantastic!  I’m really looking forward to the achievements addition, the Nights of the Dead event & Shard of Love (gotta get those wings!)  I’m less enthusiastic about the racial trait changes…  They seem a bit bleh and I’m still a little miffed that so many scout abilities are being ‘given out’.  I guess though it does make sense but some races seem to have very useful stuff (e.g. dark elves & teleport, those with tracking) and others are bit less useful (arasai & glide, half elf/wood elf with infravision – who uses infravision?! unless I’m missing something cool about that lol).  Anyway Feldon at Eq2wire has done a very nice guide.

I’ve not been raiding with our allied guild for a long time.  Baby is still too unsettled for me to be able to do this.  Its a shame but hey ho.  They’re doing well and progressing nicely.  Kalyyn and Glarim are still raiding with them and racking up death debt and phat lewtz 😉

We are looking to do a little raiding within our own guild though (as I can go afk at need here).  We can 1 group the trash in Shard of Hate and think we should be able to do at least the first 4 nameds in Protector’s Realm and hopefully start sticking our noses into WOE (though we know we won’t get very far in there at the moment ;))   Will be fun hopefully 🙂


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