Grinding and progress…

Suzita has now completed the Order of Rime timeline and has her Ice Mare.  The 68% run speed is just fantastic and the icy footprints left in your trail are also very pretty.  Which means I will have run Saraya through (gah!) and get the Mage/Priest horse especially as this has a 3% reduction in spell cast time which is very useful to a cleric.  It wasn’t too bad in the end, there were a few points where I was wondering why I was doing this…. but it was worth it in the end.

Suzita and Saraya are both up to the final stage of A Mysterious Mark and one of them should finish the HQ on Saturday night.  The dialogue for this quest (yeah I bothered reading it for once!) is very funny and I like the dialogues which make you emote.  I will probably do the final faction grind with the Circle of the Unseen Hand as I think the appearance armour is rather nice – but we shall see.

Raiding has been very quiet for me as baby has started to resist bedtime lol.  I have had a quick trip to Thuuga (YAY CONGRATS GLARIM ON YOUR COERCER MYTH!!!), Shard of Hate and Palace.

Fizzi is now a level 42 Illusionist with 40 AA.  I’m going to gear her up and stay at 42 for a little to catch up on some AA and then go off to Everfrost and start the levelling process.  Saraya now has 161 AA and Suzita is on 197 AA.  I’m trying to raise Saraya’s at the moment, but am not grinding Suzita’s (she’s going to get those last 3 AA within a few weeks whether she tries to or not ;))

I’ve also decorated a 3 room house in SQ for Fizzi, I was aiming for a cosy rat cave – I will post a little slideshow when it is more complete.  I have to credit Ishtar, of Cute Heroes on Splitpaw for the idea of using the Grobb stone tables as cave walls as she built a beautiful little pool grotto in her T1 Guild Hall (in case anyone wants to visit – she is very talented).  The new Moonlight Enchantment items have made the decoration of Fizzi’s cave very very easy.

Fizzi in her newly decorated house

Fizzi's house

A wider (if a bit dark) view of her cave

Fizzi's house long view


2 comments on “Grinding and progress…

  1. Hehe cool cave my and send my grats to glarim on his epic please haven’t been able to get on busy as hell not just with work was hoping to get back last weekend 😦 anyways when I do come back got an interesting story about this lady and my car tyre hehe 😉 will try to get on this weekend to see all you peeps

    Kajen 🙂

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