I have been playing… ;)

I have been getting in a fair amount of play time over the last couple of weeks.  It has been a hot, sticky couple of weeks here in the UK which has meant a hot little grumpy baby (aw lol but cured with playtime in the paddling pool 🙂 ) and not much time during the day to write this blog.

So Suzita has been in ToTMC  &  Shard of Hate again, I took Glarim (Dimzad’s coercer) into VP for the Taskmaster update for his myth as he was out.  That was quite funny – I do like that fight (run NW! run NW!) but I have no idea how to play a coercer lol  So I buffed who I was told to buff (I had another coercer in my group), power fed away, did some damage, jousted, ran NW and update was got 🙂  I think my parse was extremely embarrassing but I didn’t die or mess up.  Dimzad came home about halfway through the fight and said oh you’re in VP, I said yes and this is your update…  he looked kinda sad at that and said oh ok… but he cheered up immensely when he realised it was his evil little gnome in there!  Just Thuuga to go now 😉

Raiding is a bit dodgy at the moment as baby is rather unsettled in the evenings and mini emergency afks would probably wipe the raid, so aside from a couple of raids I’ve not been signing up.  I’ve signed up for Thursday so we’ll see.  Hopefully that will be a quick Thuuga run and then onto something else.

The bonus weekend was huge amounts of fun.  I managed to get about 6 AA points for Saraya (much needed!), Suzita got a few and is now on 195, Fizzi is now lvl 38 and Lanegan is a lvl 77 jeweller 😉

I’ve been working on the Order of Rime series too but still have much faction to get before I can get my Ice Unicorn…


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