What do you get if you cross a Swashie with a Puppy?*

Last night was group night and as there were 10 of us on we formed up as a little raid and went off for some DOF raiding fun 😉  Raid as follows: Ashenshugar (pally), Emaimee (warden), Glarim (coercer), Kajen (*a swappy) and Solinarii (swashie), Woodyelf (monk), Chingus (zerk), Shingleshanks (necro), Uffern (necro) and Saraya (my Inq).  We had Group 1 at lvl 68 and Group 2 at lvl 62.

We started off in Lockjaw’s lair, where I think I gained a whopping 80% or so AA (40ish % from Lockjaw himself).  Fantastic!  He’s a huuuuuge crocodile.  He went down very easily and we went on to Courts of Al’Afaz.  It was so much fun in here, we had a few comedy wipes, lots of falling down the gaps, losing spells from hotbars, laughing at the purple piper’s name, getting lost…  but we came, we laughed, we killed.  We didn’t get right to the end as we either did something wrong with the ring event named or it was bugged and so couldn’t progress.  Nevermind… we just went into Pillars of Flame and ran round killing NPCs, an epic and and a few nameds 🙂  Deusvult (sp?) also joined us for this slaughterfest 🙂

I got 3-4 AA points from last night 😀  very nice night’s work.

and erm… i promise  no more ‘jokes’ as titles (well maybe ;))


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