How do skeletons call their friends?*

Given the amount of helpless laughter we had last night, I’m just trying to work out whether we went to a comedy club or whether it was in fact Stormhold…

Kajen very kindly offered to tank with his guard for a bunch of our 20something alts (I took Fizzi the illy, Ema took her mystic, Solinarii her necro and Chingus took his fury).  We slaughtered our way through having loads of fun, giggles, killing nameds and getting our quest updates until we popped the cave root horror (the mob needed for the boots HQ).  Solinarii needed on another alt which was camped right there but as she was camping someone accidentally aggroed the cave root…  So we tried to run it off except it had taken a real shine to Kajen and followed him halfway through the zone, rooting Kajen every so often for good measure.  Plan B was then to let it kill Kajen and we’d just rez him and go back.  Except it seemed to have a hard time killing him, even when he took his armour off  😛  It was this frank admission which did it for most of us and all that could be heard over voicechat was helpless laughter 😛  We all died quite soon after and had to revive.  Anyways, we came back and killed it, got a few more quest updates and went off to kill the Windstalker rumber (x2).  Huge amounts of fun.

I love nights like that…  Its the real reason to play these sort of games I think and I really needed to relax and have fun 🙂

*on the telebone 😛

3 comments on “How do skeletons call their friends?*

  1. Omg how much fun was last night I had a blast always liked stormhold anytime I’m in there always something to laugh at still chuckling About it lmao! But that’s what apt nights are all about thinking about arraging a condemned catacombs night for us LOL sry bout the spelling on my iPhone ATM 😦

  2. Groans at bad joke – Taxi for Suz!!

    And bah to delayed updates 😦

    Sounds like you all had a great time in SH, i love little groups like that always seems to be a lot of fun

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