bah – GU52 has been delayed by a week for the EU and other non-US servers due to a language issue 😦  I’m a little annoyed and very disappointed that this has happened again especially seeing as Splitpaw (and Runnyeye?) shouldn’t be affected by the language issues.  However, unlike past update problems, we have had pretty good communication from Kiara and Brenlo (with a promise of some additional fun (hmm intrigued there!) and a promise to see if the English language servers can be separated from the other Euro servers)  Oh well…  I will read your blogs going slowly green this week 😉

I couldn’t raid on Monday night as our little boy didn’t want to sleep 😛  I ended up tinkering (I think!) and watching tv.  We went into Venril Sathir’s lair last night and got updates for a few people including Glarim 🙂 and then onto Leviathan for updates and VP flags.  VS took a few pulls…  I wiped the raid on the first attempt (this was after being the first to die outside the zone-in as I got feared :P) so was feeling like a bit of a liability*.  Spent most of VS too scared to dps properly in case I did it again…  By the time we got to Leviathan I’d had enough really and voicechat was bugged/garbled so I could only hear half of the chat (its a straightforward fight but we were trying out a farm/kill rather than a farm then kill) so fortunately I didn’t need to be eaten just stand there, auto attack and cure nox…  The only problem I had to deal with was controlling agro so not really too bad.  I guess VP will be on the cards quite soon.  I’m not sure whether to sign up for that or not – well no need to decide now 🙂

I think tonight may be a quiet noodling night as Dimzad/Glarim and Kalyyn may be out.  Tomorrow night is TOTMC and Friday night is a guild group night.  Fun to be had 🙂  (well except for that snake :P)

*Is it just me being a n00b or is TSO raiding designed to make you feel and look like an idiot?  yes ok…  I’ll admit that I hate the fact that if you mess up your name is up in lights for all to see 😛  grr!  I end up being so worried about causing a wipe that sometimes I almost get paralysed into non-action…  Its silly really as I know I’m not a liability – I generally do manage to work the script and do some decent dps, plus I know I wouldn’t be confirmed (am a standby raid member) so quickly by the raid leaders if I were a liability…  Just practice with the scripts I suppose for some familiarity and confidence 😉 but ARGH! THOSE DOTS!! lol


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