ooh gobboes!

A fun weekend – I didn’t get on much during the day but I have now got Saraya’s tinkering to 220/400 – over the halfway mark now.  Saturday night saw Killians (SK), Gwyanne (mystic), Poxridden (wizzy), Glarim (coercer), Shingleshanks (necro) and Suzita go to RE2.  We got about halfway through the zone before we decided to call it a night.  It was quite funny when Killians asked which of the group were now mythicalled – as it was myself and the wizard…. possibly the 2 worst people for the tank 😛  We went back into the zone on Sunday night.  Killians and Gwyanne couldn’t make it though, so Pox switched to Ashenshugar his pally, Emaimee came along to heal and Kajen joined us (swashie).  We did pretty well, a few comedy wipes on trash and had a few attempts at the final named.  I think we would have killed him if we’d had time for a few more attempts but it was late….  We did well though, we’d never really bothered with this zone before for some reason but there is still some nice gear to be had out of there.  I think next time we come in, it will be much much quicker and we will get that epic down 🙂

Off to Inner Stronghold / Palace of the Ancient One tonight.  I believe these are farming efforts mainly though I guess we may have more attempts at Gultak / Switchmaster if there is time.  Better stock up on potions 😛


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