Progression progression

I had a very quiet night on Wednesday, just did a few quests in Butcherblock Mountains with Fizzi and ended up going and watching some tv instead 😉  Thursday saw myself, Dimzad, Kalyyn, Tralesh, Woodyelf and a necro from our allied guild go stick our noses into Ravenscale Repository.  It wasn’t really a very successful run as I think we only killed 1 named plus the key mob but we did get a couple of shards and it was huge huge fun seeing a new zone 🙂  I do love all the loping plains zones, they are fab looking.

Last night saw us in Palace of the Ancient One.  It was a progression night, so we went into our previous instance of the zone and threw ourselves at the Switchmaster for a couple of hours.  We didn’t manage to kill him or even get his health below 50% – we kept messing up with the yellow vision.  More practice 😛  I know we can do it.  Anyway I felt like going and burning through some mobs after that 😉 so Sheea, Glarim, Kalyyn and I went off to City of Mist to do the next 2 stages of the shackle series (i know… slacker… but I HATED kunzar jungle).  So after some satisfactory killing and achieving I logged off for the night 🙂

We have a guild group night tonight, I’m raiding Monday (Inner/Palace), probably Tuesday (VS/Levi) and Thursday (TOTMC).  I can’t believe I’ve volunteered for Venril Sathir lol but Glarim needs for his mythical so…. 😉


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