Lucky loot streak!

I’ve been having lots of fun in EQ2 but due to stinking colds and other real life happenings haven’t had time again to keep my blog updated.  Hmm so what have I been up to….  There has been some fun guild groupage doing some double shard zones.  We cleared Kor-sha with a guild group for the first time – we had a few sticky moments and on a couple of nameds sheer determination and concentration got us there eventually.  Sanedrac is our nemesis no more so we need to find a new one  YAY! It was great to get revenge, see the rest of the zone and get those quests finished.  I also won the Shield of the Assassin which was a cool upgrade for my secondary slot.  

As I’m now raiding a couple of nights a week, I’ve been looking at my gear and combat arts.   I bought some cheap masters and replaced some adornments.  I was also very geeky and parsed a change in jewellery – the switch was recommended in the ranger forums but I just couldn’t see why it was an upgrade – and lo and behold it did indeed increase my dps.  I *think* its because I have hit the soft cap on a few stats now so other benefits now have a bigger effect.  I need to get 4 pieces made and I will have the best gear currently available to me and then just hope for the right pieces to drop for future upgrades.

With our allied guild, we cleared trash in Palace of the Ancient One and we killed Xythus Aransta/Davian with some ease.  Even better…. the pattern for the ranger bracers dropped and I won!!  We were waiting for a couple of people to log in and join us, so we went over to Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold.  The Strange Stalker took a few tries to get down and I think it was mainly relying on the healer’s to get their strat working – huge kudos to them, they did a great job and I’m glad I didn’t have to do it!  A nice scout piece dropped which I didn’t have enough dkp to win but as I’d won my bracers I wasn’t too upset.  I was in a very cool group for most of the evening (coercer, illusionist, troubador, inq and briggy) and I was very chuffed to start getting parses of around 9k 😀  We did throw ourselves at Kultak the Cruel for a while but with no luck.

Last night a bunch of us decided to have a quick run round Castle Mistmoore and aim for the Sage as I have been after my Kithicor legs for a looooong time.  We had a real blast in there, pulling rooms at a time, killing the x2 with real ease etc.  I remember when this zone was DANGEROUS lol.  Anyways, we killed the Sage and unbelievably, out of all the 12 set pieces that could drop, IT WAS THE KITHICOR SET PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!  I was hugely excited and happy, waited patiently (and giggly) while my group messed about saying they were going to need the piece etc 😛 and finally they were mine 😀  Huge thanks to my group 🙂  I now have a very nice compete appearance set 🙂

Glarim and Lanegan have been working through the Everfrost questlines and she is now lvl 47 and I have stopped level locking Fizzi for a while as Butcherblock was a bit tough at lvl 20, so she is now lvl 23 (plus I got my group mez at 23 lol).  I’m not sure if I posted this but I got my tailor to lvl 80 and my jeweller is now lvl 72.  Nearly there…

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