Yippee! *dances* Yep I got my lovely shiny new Mythical Eagle’s Talon last night!!  It is absolutely awesome!  I am already worried for the tanks in my guild 😀  I now have a lightsabre-ish green bowstring on view and a leaf animation on auto attack – which is very pretty (but very hard to get a screenie of :P)

Mythical Eagles Talon

Last night was lots of fun.  We started off with Milyex and Xygoz (oh he is so sweet when he is asleep! and the dreams are very funny).  We then moved onto Travenro the Skygazer, which was quite fun being stunned and thrown sideways 😉  Onto Silverwing – that was also quite fun.  I had the scout blue screen so ran off and did my clicky thing and then was in the groups assigned to grab the droag adds before they reached Silverwing.  I love pulling in adds though it is usually more fun when I’m not supposed to 😉  And then finally…. Phara Dar… I was sooo excited by this point!

Phara Dar and Shade of Khalan Dar

The fight went extremely smoothly… and then I ran off to hand in and get my shiny myth 😀  I also now have Trakanon access which may well be handy 🙂


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