and more dragons

We returned to VP last night.  Druushk went down first pull and very smoothly, soon followed by Nexona, the Taskmaster, Ashenclaw and Hoshkar.  Some very strange fights there – Nexona was kinda hectic, Taskmaster was funny (running NW ftw :P), I liked floating around on the island too (Hoshkar).  I still can’t get over how very vast this zone is – it is very cool and does seem truly epic.  We’re not planned to be back in VP until Friday evening.  Here’s hoping that we get Phara Dar for my mythical and Xygoz  for Kajen’s on Friday 🙂  Well actually, there’s a lot of hoping that our allied guild’s raid schedule will allow for Kajen & Dimzad to get their mythicals too (Pawbuster, Levi are needed etc).

Oh I almost forgot… grats Poxridden (wizzy) on your mythical!  I think he will be touring the floors of Norrath shortly 😉


3 comments on “and more dragons

  1. Oooooh Good Luck

    Zygoz is my favourite fight so far … but I am yet to hit Silverwing and Phara Dar.

    I thaught Hoshkar was quite annoying … but you rangers are absolutely the key to that fight lol

    and yeah Taskmaster is funny 🙂

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