First peek into Veeshan’s Peak

Had a very busy and very fun weekend – lots of crafting to take advantage of the double xp weekend and grouping in the evenings 🙂  Lanegan is now a lvl 65 jeweller and Saraya a lvl 48 carpenter.  Going to try and get a few more lvls before the xp bonus runs out 😉  I also finished the Blood of the Brood questline on Saraya and she now has her Questioning hat.

Friday night was a very fun run round Mines of Meldrath and a lvl 50 version of Scion of Ice.  I took along Merla my warden, Kajen tanked with Koni and we also had Sullivan (Dimzad’s defiler), Magania, Biksar and Rolwff .  Saturday night we went into Crucible (Dimzad, Kalyyn, Woodyelf, Tralesh, Izebella & Suzita) which was a lot of fun.  It was my first time in the zone and I thought it was going to be much harder than it was – we rocked it!  Its a very nice looking zone too and I finally finished those Scion quests – yay!  We finished the night by switching alts around and doing a quick HOF run for Blood of the Brood updates for Rowlff and Saraya.

I ended up solo healing Befallen: COA on Sunday night!  Well kinda solo healing as Kalyyn’s pally tanked and we also had Tralesh’s dirge and Woodyelf’s monk in the group.   Even though its one of the easier zones I was still quite scared of solo healing but it all went pretty smoothly.  We then went off to COA to see if we could get Carotidcutter to drop for Kajen – it didn’t….  Bah lol 😛

Finally, last night I went into Veeshan’s Peak.  Its a HUGE zone lol.  We started on the west section and all went pretty smoothly until we got to Druushk.  I had camped to another character and was going to miss this particular fight so that there was a spot for Kalyyn’s wizzy to get his myth update.  There ended up being a spot for me for this fight anyway so I came back in 😉  Although they (and Kalyyn) have taken down this mob easily before, something wasn’t going right as we wiped quite a few times and ended up calling it.  I did miss out on the strat and ended up trying to piece it together from a few questions and the chat…  I was asked to bowpull the adds to our MA and ended up dying quite a few times through that.  I’m just hoping I wasn’t doing anything stupid which caused lots of problems…  Oh well – I’m sure we will get our revenge tonight.  I’m signed up to go back in tonight, hopefully there will still be a spot for me, although I am on my own tonight so hopefully little boy will sleep well 🙂


2 comments on “First peek into Veeshan’s Peak

  1. I was really chuffed with our crucible run, as it was first time through for 4 of the group, and one of us was only lvl 76, I wasnt expecting it to go half as well, i am not exagerrating when i say I have bene in with groups of mythed players that have made it seem so much harder.
    You did a great job of healing Befalen:COA on Sunday, that zone went really well and I actualy enjoyed tanking it, I do like it when it gets a bit hectic! (you forgot to mention our 12 minute OOA run that night :P)

    VP is a huge zone, i really like it there. Sorry about the strat, i thought someone had explained it all to you, i know there was nothing you did that caused the wipes, just seemed to be a problem with the statue clickers, not sure what as it has gone very smoothly everytime before, Druushk will go donw tonight 🙂

  2. OMG I knew I was forgetting something we did that night! and yes crucible was a fab achievement 🙂

    Thanks very much for the comments 😀 and yeah well the strat – I think even with the strat explained I still feel a bit like a headless chicken sometimes! I probably shouldn’t be so quiet 😉

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