Bleh to ugly epic mob and ugly raid graphics 😉
We did a hugely fast run through Protector’s Realm first.  As our allied guild all have their mythicals now I was feeling pretty useless – well to be honest I felt like a little kid being allowed to stay up with the grownups 😛  So we went on to Leviathan, which I needed for VP access.  I ended up being one of those eaten to get the vials which actually was loads of fun.  I was pretty nervous at first, really worried I’d mess up – but I didn’t and ended up with 12 which wasn’t bad.  Their swashy sent me a few tells with some tips which was really sweet and helped a lot.  So I just cured Nox and suited up for the farming run and then for the kill, I cured nox and auto attacked while their mages suited up and threw the vials 😉  It was a fun night!  Glarim and Kajen got VP access too.
I’m not sure what it going to happen with Veeshan’s Peak, will have to wait until they put VP up as events, signup and hope for a spot on the right night (I would like to see more of the zone but I know that they will be getting myth updates for their alts as well so there may not be room).  Hopefully next week… 🙂

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