2nd myth update

Yippee! Yep Venril Sathir is dead!  Wow that is one set of very unforgiving conditions!  Although Kalyyn and our allies have killed him a fair few times before, it did take quite a few attempts to kill him.  I messed up twice, once through not quite realising one of the conditions (not attacking when noxious is due to avoid fear and nox), and second through sheer bad luck (double clicking sprint just as I got feared).  Anyway I have to admit from my personal viewpoint it isn’t actually that bad, I found keeping an eye on the dots and my power much easier than I thought I would – and the thought of this fight had been making me so nervous I was feeling sick!  I do feel like I have passed through some rite of passage in some funny way – but I will still /taunt his head in our guild hall everytime I pass 😛

Anyways, *hopefully* getting Levi on Thursday.


3 comments on “2nd myth update

  1. Congrats congrats!!!!

    It really is a rite of passage … I absolutely agree with you.

    I think we will head back to do this fight for updates for some newer guildmates and alts …. but NONE of us are looking forward to it that is for sure.

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