Spiders and skellies

Wow what a busy fun night last night was – and I sadly had to turn down a group too!  Our allied guild very kindly squeezed me in for my Ranger myth update in Tomb of Thuuga,  it all went extremely smoothly and very quickly – so first update achieved 😀  Dimzad also got his zerker myth update!  I should be going for my 2nd update tonight, Venril Sathir *gulps* and hopefully Levi too to get VP access.   I’ve read the strat on wiki (and I know its another thing entirely to put into practice!) but I’m still terrified I’m going to repeatedly mess it up…  I’m also on my own tonight which means I will be desperately hoping that baby boy has a good evening’s/night’s sleep!  I think watching dots/power & then freezing at every sigh from the baby is going to be getting the adrenaline going!  Ah well, if I have to go afk – I have to go afk 😉  

Anyway after the raid, I pulled a group together to go into COA.  The group was Saraya, Woodyelf (monk), Kajen (swashy), Ysbwriel (fury) and Sheea (bruiser).  It went very smoothly and with lots of giggles and messing about on voice chat, so lots of fun 🙂  Carotidcutter didn’t drop for Kajen AGAIN – poor guy I can’t count the amount of times we’ve been in there and it hasn’t dropped.   We were praying to the RNG gods but to no avail…  We’ll have to go after a better offhand for him just to make up for the stupid bad luck!   We then did a very quick run through OOA (Kajen dropped and Ashenshugar and Glarim joined us) and we did it in 22 mins again lol.

So tonight some raiding, one night this week am hoping to group up with Noxium and friends for some Hooluh fun and then a definite guild group night on saturday.  I think Dimzad is hoping to raid one of his alts on Thursday…  Baby boy is starting to be more settled fortunately as the teething is easing off a bit, so hopefully it means I can concentrate on getting my mythical and then hopefully be able to sign up for raiding on a more regular basis (once or twice a week would be fun!)


6 comments on “Spiders and skellies

  1. bah grr bloody befallen, stupid slow mobs – walk faster to your deaths dammit 😀

    seriously though – we can have a kick around in there any time you like ;o)

  2. VS is a real git isnt he!! Im all for raid-bosses having some failure-conditions, but when a large amount of luck is tied in with a huge amount of instant failure effects, it just makes a fight annoying to say the least, but on the other side of that, it does feel great when you have him down and are looking at his head proudly displayed in the Guild Hall!!

    As for Befallen, I reckon we will find that zone much easier now, im up for a run in there tonight if others want to 🙂

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