*shakes fist at pesky nameds*

It has been a fun weekend both in real life and in game. Friday night saw us running around Solusek’s Eye for some updates for Magania.  I was quite surprised to see that for the HQ (lost legends I think), the placeholders now count for the quest update.  Given that I have spent a fair bit of time with 2 alts camping these – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry 😉  It was a fun evening.

Saturday night saw us go into Veksar – we started off with Ashenshugar, Saraya, Glarim, Woodyelf (monk), Ysbwriel (fury) and Kajen (welcome back swashy ;)).  We had a few wipes on Cribblekeep but killed him (yay!) and then went on.  Up until Garudon, the rest of the zone went smoothly, including a room pull by Ashenshugar (bloody pallies!) Ywbwriel and I were spam healing, it wasn’t pretty but we survived.  For some reason we had tons of problems with Garudon… We switched about to Dimzad, Suzita and Kalyyn (for Sanctuary) and still couldn’t get him – as it was now either very late or very early depending upon your viewpoint…  so we decided to come back in the next day.  So we reformed on Sunday night and after a few pulls we got him down.  The DOT was just so annoying – I know last time we killed him we just burned him down and I didn’t even realise he had a dot…  Anyway, we got our double shard quest finished.  We then went to Obelisk of Azhkul for the current double shard.  We did this in a new record time of about 22 mins I think (and this included a comedy wipe and tag team falling through the grate deaths – first Ysbwriel fell, then I was messing around and fell through and then Dimzad followed suit lol)

I have signed up as standby for raiding tonight.  We should be hitting Tomb of Thuuga (+Palace/PR) which I need for Suzita’s first myth update.   There are a couple of VS/Levi raids setup for this week too, so hopefully I will be able to get on one of those and it will then just be VP…  (I say just… the update Suzita needs is the final named in the zone I think lol).


4 comments on “*shakes fist at pesky nameds*

  1. It was a fun night last night 🙂
    garudon was a real pita, i think it was just a case of it getting far to late to concentrate properly on the first attempt, last night went much more smoothly, he seemed to stay stunned/stiffled for most of the fight, when he died, which i think was the key.

    I love the super fast runs through Obelisk, it keeps the zone fresh, i reckon we will break that 20 minute barrier next time, and, its more than possible to do in 15 😛

  2. Aye hehe that was a great evening miss this game so much when you don’t get to play it O.O not sure if thats a bad or good thing so if in doubt must be a good thing 😛

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