Voidbeasts and Vampires

Huge amounts of fun last night.  Dimzad, Kalyyn, Tralesh, Senquis and I decided to do a couple of instances, as we weren’t a full group we were a little limited in choices so we decided to just blast through Obelisk of Ahzkul and Deep Forge for a few shards.  It was good fun and both instances went very quickly and smoothly (aside from a comedy wipe on the first mob in OOA ;))  Best of all, an exquisite chest dropped from the last named in DF, containing a warden master (Grats to Aollishae, Tralesh’s warden on follow) and a nice healer bracelet, which as neither Tralesh or Senquis wanted for their wardens went to Saraya (I was playing suzita).   Hopefully we’ll go out in a full group soon and do some of the more challenging zones.  

The group disbanded after that and as there was some evening left, Dimzad and I switched to Glarim (coercer) and Saraya (inq) and went off and did a couple of the old EOF zones, Obelisk of Blight and Crypt of Valdoon,  with Noxium (71 sk), Kaboomo (65 wiz) and Bellgeddes (71 fury).  They are in a different guild but we have known Noxium and Kaboomo in RL for a long long time.  It was great hearing their voices over chat again and I don’t think I have giggled that much in game for ages.  I was absolutely cracking up when Kaboomo suggested that my inquisitor was stealing aggro because she was asking the mobs too many questions….  Great great fun 🙂

I think actually we need to use voicechat in guild groups more, we’re a bit slack about using it.  We’ve always wanted Guild chat to be kept as text because it means everyone can join in (not everyone is able to chat or is comfortable doing so) which is fine.  I suddenly realised that things or people can seem a lot more serious when you are reading chat rather than listening to people, I’m sure all of you who do use regularly are saying ‘well duh!’ lol.  I still can’t speak over voice chat as I can’t get headphones to work on my laptop, but I can listen.

A couple of small achievements over the last couple of days too, I have finally got Saraya her T1 armour and Oaphepia, my tailor, is at lvl 77 – ooh so close to 80 and an extra 10% TS XP boost 😀


**edit** got my inbuilt mic working though headphones don’t seem to be recognised… ah well i can talk now – mwa hahaha!


3 comments on “Voidbeasts and Vampires

  1. well that’s me, dimzad, yourself and kalyyn all set up – think jianne & ruari are working on getting mics sorted but I think they can definitely listen and I know others in the guild can at least listen… we’ve no excuses now 😛 lol

    I need to remember to join channels too – I opted out of automatic joining cos people kept getting feedback in Guild channel when I previewed stuff 😉

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