A short post :)

I’ve been keeping to stuff that I can drop quickly over the last couple of nights as we are getting baby boy used to his new bed 😉  It is going well but it does mean he isn’t settling as well in the evening/night as he normally does.  So on Monday night I ran Saraya part way through the Blood of the Brood timeline.  I’ve got up to the HOF/POA updates.  It fortunately was very easy to solo though the scrollbearer and the chamberlain (in the nest of the great egg) have rather a lot of HP and took a bit longer than I thought they would 😉    I’m hopefully going to do the rest of the line with Noxium and some other friends.  

Last night Dimzad and I watched a few episodes of Deep Space 9 and I got Saraya’s tinkering up to 110/400 🙂  This is definitely the best way to tinker lol


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