Back to Spirits of the Lost

I organised a Guild group night for Saturday.  I left the level range open so we could include as many people as possible.  In the end we had around 8-9 of us and we ended up doing the Spirits of the Lost raid zone in Cazic Thule (see here and here).  We went in with varying levels but all mentored to level 52, which given its a x4 and we were slightly low on numbers, is a little low for Venekor and his Stone Guardian.  The rest of the zone however, was absolutely fine and loads of fun.  Venekor was a real challenge but with a little cunning thought, we got him down in the end.   Saraya ended up completing the Froglok timeline, got 2.5 AA and I think everyone had lots of fun.

On Sunday, I mainly messed around with Fizzi.  I’ve nearly finished the Antonica quests that I want to complete, have maxed her harvesting skills, and have started tinkering with her…  I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to keep this up though!  I’m sure I’ll slack and *gasp* level her and forget her fishing/tinker skills etc at some stage 😉  I’m really enjoying my baby illusionist though, I think I am going to make a real effort to get her to 80 over the summer.

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