Stupid Fear

It was a good fun evening last night but unfortunately with a very frustrating and annoying end…  I took Asirra out with Senquis (ranger), Tralesh (dirge), Fearghal (defiler), Jianne (swashie) & Dimzad (zerker) for a reet faction grind.  The grind very quickly indeed, and Tralesh did a fab job tanking until Dimzad was able to log on.  It seemed to take no time at all to gain our 40k faction 🙂  We then went off to kill the Monk named for Dimzad so that he could complete the monk questline – we had to wait for him to pop but he didn’t take long either 🙂  Fantastic, I thought – a fair bit of time to get Asirra down to the bottom of Sebilis (just behind the entrance to Venril Sathir’s lair) so can make the poison for her epic.  

We got down to the corridor just before his lair with a few lucky escapes but no *real* problems and that’s when it all went horribly wrong…  The fear effect on those mobs are just awful, we were slowly making progress with Dimzad and Fearghal taking the brunt of it, when the baby woke up screaming (he’s fine) – I had to go afk, then Dimzad also needed to go afk to help me (and accidentally kicked the plug in the rush out so we went linkdead), we had mobs repopping and we had gone afk and LD with the rest of our poor group still there…  Huge, huge apologies to everyone 😦


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