Change of theme

Yes as you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed the theme and added my own custom header.  The header is a screenie of (L-R) Dimzad, Suzita, Emaimee, Kajen, Yharlie and Kalyyn standing on the treasure hoard of the dragon named in Guk.  I’m quite pleased with the new look and may just change the header from time to time.

Last night was very fun, we did the double shard run into Anathema.  The group was Ashenshugar, Fearghal (Ruari’s defiler), myself, Jianne, Senquis (fellow ranger) and Tralesh (our new dirge – welcome again to the guild) The zone went pretty smoothly, we had a series of wipes from an add who kept picking on a couple on us (i.e. come and kill most of the group, just got everyone rezzed, when he comes back and kills the group again, and um a further repeat until we all rev’d) I was laughing so hard it probably wasn’t surprising we had a couple of repeat wipes.  Its not a proper night out unless we have a comedy wipe 😉  We were lucky and got an exquisite chest from the last named – including a Ranger master (which I already had so it went straight to Senquis – grats again!) and a nice caster cloak for Ruari.

After that, Senquis had to log so we went off to Obelisk of Blight mentored to Ysbwriel’s 76.  We did the zone in 14 minutes :O  It was just crazy and so much fun.  Rubbish drops but hey ho.  As Ysbwriel then had 5% to level, we went off to Sebilis to get his level – we were lucky as were able to kill about 4 or 5 nameds (including a couple that suz hadn’t got before – yay!).  And that was that – a very productive and fun night.

Tonight I’m taking Asirra my assassin out on a Synod Reed faction night that Senquis has organised.  We have a full group so it shouldn’t take long to gain the faction needed.  I’m hoping that it will be quick enough that we can get a quest update for Dimzad while we’re in there and Asirra’s epic update down in the bottom of Sebilis.  We shall see 🙂


2 comments on “Change of theme

  1. I like the new look! Good choice for a screenshot too, that gold horde can make the most seasoned adventurer drool. 🙂

    I love your comment on the comedy wipes. You gotta love those moments!

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