Noodling about (TM Jianne ;))

Well its a quiet period for Everquest 2 for me at the moment – its partly due to my poor little baby (who is teething) which means I am just too tired to put real effort into the game at the moment  😉  So, lots of messing around with Fizzi (who now has 22 AA points at level 20).  I’m just finishing the Antonica timeline with her and have deleted the really painful quests in there.  I’m not sure I can face the Thundering Steppes timeline with her…  I may start with Butcherblock and start levelling her again instead (and do the low level HQs possibly).   Dimzad very sweetly helped Asirra, my assassin, finish the shard questlines so I can now do solo shard runs with 3 of my alts.  Very nearly have Saraya’s T1 gear together now which is cool.  Tomorrow night I am taking Asirra out on a Guild Synod Reet faction night (she needs faction for her epic weapon which is a big part of the reason I’ve been putting her epic off).  I decided that I may as well get her epic weapon and quite possibly the rest of the T1 shard gear, even though she’s retired I do sometimes like playing her.  I’ve also got my tailor to level 73 and my jeweller to level 55 🙂

I have played a little Freerealms in the last week, mining is fun as you level up by playing a minigame (very similar to the Jewels type games).  I’ve also got caught up in levelling my adventurer as you need to basically get area disco and some are in hard to reach places – so that’s been fun.  My poor archer is being neglected at the moment though lol.  The only downside is that this game gives me eyestrain if I play it for more than an hour though (even with small breaks), which does limit my time on it 😉  Funnily enough, all other games / internet browsing give me an eyestrain headache if I play for too long but I can play EQ2 for hours and hours with no ill effect.  I can’t work out why, though I wonder if it simply because the colours are gentler (internet is quite bright, Freerealms is very brightly coloured for e.g.) or if its because there are many different things to focus on (chat windows, environment, hate meter, journal etc etc).  ah well 😉


3 comments on “Noodling about (TM Jianne ;))

  1. I have the same issue lol! Not so much eye strain but a motion sickness. I went on vacation for two weeks came back and it took me two days to get use to it again. Couldnt tell yea why but I think it may have to do w/ the colors and the movement in some way lol. O well its all good now. They do sell those screens you can put over your monitor that help with brightness and such. Maybe give that a shot.

  2. ah yeah, forgot about those screens! thanks 🙂 Glad you’re over the motion sickness – I had that too after having a long break… it was JUST weird!

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