A small confession…

Sorry for the lack of posts this week – its been a combination of getting a bit stressed out with a couple of things, enjoying lowbie leveling and… (here comes the confession) *cough* playing Freerealms!

I was signed up (on standby) to raid with our allied guild, but they changed the zone 3 times which for some silly reason just started stressing me out.  In the end as they were hitting Pawbuster – Dimzad took Hewgo along instead for his Myth update and I breathed a huge sigh of relief (we’re not raiding at the same time at the moment as the baby is teething).  I think my head isn’t in a good place with the game at the moment which I think is why I’ve been drawn to Fizzi and lowbie levelling (and Freerealms).  I think a small break or backing off a bit for a small while is in order 😉  

Anyways, Freerealms….  My excuse for checking it out is that my nieces are playing so it will be nice to meet up online with them 😛 Its a very sweet game, bright, fun and colourful.  I don’t like the character models so much but the world is very pretty and the whole game is very well thought out.   I love the fact that you can switch jobs at will with no penalty, you get knocked out rather killed, you can explore the whole world without worrying about being attacked and there are tons of quests, minigames and their version of shinies.  To me it is rather like EQ2 on easypeasycutesymode (strange that….)  I had been rather sceptical of the real money side of things with this game, but after having played and found out the prices, I think the mixture of free content, membership content and Station Cash is fairly well balanced and reasonably priced.  I think you can access roughly 40- 50% of the game completely free (I think I read that amount somewhere but don’t quote me on that!).  The membership is $4.99 which converts roughly to £3.40 per month which I would think is an affordable amount for most people, you do also get membership for free if you have station access.  The pets also aren’t too badly priced, £8 buys you 1,000 Station Cash and I bought a pet dog with an outfit for 550 SC.  Its a one off payment, the upkeep of your pet(s) is paid with in game coins.  I still don’t like Station Cash in EQ2 but I think it is well suited for this kind of game.  I.

I will be playing this game from time to time, it will never replace EQ2 for me but it is a nice diversion 😉  So yes I’m afraid there is an Archer named Suzita Starshadow running around in Freerealms…


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