Saraya gets her Epic weapon :)

Well the title says it all really 😉  Last night Saraya, Ashenshugar, Woody, Hewgo, Sheea and Ysbwriel went and killed the remaining 50 frogloks, killed Commander Jorah in Karnor’s Castle and finally killed 16 Sarnaks in Timorous Deep and Chardok.  Saraya then killed Weaponsmith Xass in a special instance and her Epic weapon was hers 🙂


Its quite a strange looking weapon, I do like it though and it does go very well with her hair, cloak and armour 😛  I have to say though that this epic timeline has been an absolute breeze compared with my Ranger epic weapon, I still have nightmares from the Enraged Wumpus and probably so do the rest of my guild!  Just need to get Saraya some decent jewellery and some shard armour and she’ll be hugely better equipped.  Thanks again to my lovely guildies!


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