Quests within quests, within quests…

I had a quiet night on Thursday, just messing around organising, low lvl questing and chatting to guildies 🙂  I had set up an event Friday evening, for the x2 Ascent of the Awakened to get Claymore updates for myself, Kalyyn and Emaimee.  It ended up being quite complicated and took much much longer than I thought it would.  The zone needs to be at least green as the items to spawn the nameds drop in chests from the trash mobs, Ruari very kindly brought his lvl 72 monk out for us to mentor.  Woody (monk and a new member) also needed the Claymore updates and came along. Unfortunately as we didn’t have a 2nd person to mentor to we could only take out one group of 6 which meant not everyone who was willing to help could come along.

Anyway, we killed trash mobs for the Ornate Slashed Eye to spawn the first named, Prophet of the Slashing Talon, then up to the 2nd floor to get the Ornate Winged Eye to spawn the second named, Ancient of the Flapping Wing.  I like this fight with all the drakota on the outside flapping their wings to create a wind which throws you around the place 😉  So we got our 2 kills for Claymore and myself, Kalyyn and Woody ran around and collected the ground spawns for the second stage of the quest.  After inspecting the base of the statue, The Riddle of Razorwing was completed – yay!  I had got a bit confused and thought that Gorenaire and Talendor were in this zone BUT they are in the x4 version for which you need to complete an access quest, Audience with the Guardian.  To complete this quest you need to obtain a Symbol from each of the 4 nameds in this zone (Symbol of  Slashing Talon, Flapping Wing, Icy Breath, Fire Breath) and only 1 drops from each named so only 1 person can complete the quest at a time.  We need Gorenaire and Talendor for one of the Deathtoll access quests and we need access to Deathtoll for a updates in a later part of Claymore and also I would like to get the trophy from Tarinax as he owes me 😉  Kalyyn got lucky with the roll for the first symbol, so we declined the other symbols so Kalyyn could complete this time round.  It was getting rather late by the time we got to the last named and we had had a few wipes (and lots of un-wipes thanks to our monks!) so we had to call it.  We will finish another time.

Tonight *could* see Saraya get her Inquisitor epic 🙂  Just 50 frogloks, Commander Jorah (in KC), 8 Sarnaks in TD, 8 Sarnaks in Chardok and a solo zone to finish.  Hmm possibly a little ambitious for tonight… Will depend upon whether Commander is up and how common the sarnak updates are I guess…  Fingers crossed!


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