The epic guild Light of the Wolf has attained level 80


We did it at last!  Congratulations to everyone in Light of the Wolf!!

Thanks to *everybody* past and present who have made our Guild the lovely, friendly, helpful place that it is.  Thank you all for all those adventure and tradeskilling writs, HQs and epic kills 😀 

We had a guild event to kill the Godking Anuk.  The Guild was on 98.7% and we hoped that killing this epic mob would ding us to 80 and provide a lovely trophy for our Guild Hall.  Sadly, this particular epic doesn’t give status 😛 but we had a fun time anyway and it only took a HQ hand in and a couple of writs to ding us 😉

Present on the raid were:  Dimzad, Emaimee, Finnigan, Jianne, Ruari, Ysbwriel, Suzita, Karnag, Poxridden, Magania and Zain.  Cheering us on were Solinarii and Biksar.

We had mentored down to 69 & 73, and this zone was still a challenge!  Everybody put in a great effort, especially after we had a few wipes and the mobs didn’t seem to be popping as they should. Special mention to Emaimee and Ysbwriel for some great healing and to Dimzad who did a fantastic job of tanking an unknown zone.  Magania (lvl 50) and Zain (lvl 63) also did excellently in keeping their (and ours!) spirits up after they died a gazillion times by aoe one shots. 

What next for Light of the Wolf?  Well, I hope that our numbers will continue to grow (but not too much!) and that we get a few more trophies for our Guild Hall.  I am also looking forward to a fun summer and then exploring the next expansion with our wonderful group of friends 🙂  

*pops a champagne cork*


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