My name is Suzita, I am an Altoholic…

*meant to publish this yesterday!*

I have this awful relationship with the ‘Create new character’ button on the character select screen.  If it is usable I have an itch to create a sparkly new shiny alt… if it is greyed out I start worrying that I haven’t got the right 12 (yes…. 12 :P) characters and that one MUST BE DELETED JUST IN CASE.  Just in case of what I am not entirely sure 😉  So I delete a character, resist the call of the clickable button for a while, and then give in.  Create a new exciting alt that I am going to level PROPERLY this time (you know, keep fishing skills maxed, don’t race ahead and forget about AA etc) and I am back at square one with it greyed out again 😉  Of course with my new little alt I never do keep my fishing skill maxed and then level them up too quickly 😛

Its silly but I do like this cycle of deleting and re-creating.  There are times when you just want to switch off completely, escape RL and just noodle about in the lovely safe environment of the starter areas and a new little alt is just what is needed for those times.  I know a lot of these I will never level up seriously.  I’ve found that its handy having a few different alts between levels 20 to 60.  Very handy to have a couple for mentoring for AA for our higher level characters or to be able to take out a right level alt to help a guildy (as mentoring can make the zones stupidly easy and boring for everyone who comes out).

The time is gets difficult is when you have invested a lot of time into your character but really they could do with being deleted.  Take Oaphepia, my level 52 Paladin & level 70 Tailor.  I don’t really play her (though a spot of occasional tanking is fun) but she is one of my oldest characters and I can’t delete her as I have also invested a lot of time and effort into her tradeskilling – I am considering renaming her though 😉  Or there is my newest baby alt (which inspired the post), Fizzi my lvl 14 ratonga illusionist – she has a great name, looks cute, the class seems fun and I have just gone through the betrayal process with her – I think I may enjoy this one though 🙂 

I think given the amount of work needed to make sure your chars are equipped properly at level (epic quests, shard armour and a hefty amount of AA), plus also the fact that you need to be able to play your character *properly* and know your class well for the TSO instances, for me personally I don’t think I could manage more than 2 or 3 (at the very most and I am never as confident on an alt as I am with Suzita).  On the other hand, messing around with alts also depends upon having the time to mess around…  The 2 or 3 months after TSO came out and our Guild was busy I was out doing instances pretty much every night and alts didn’t get a look in 😉


2 comments on “My name is Suzita, I am an Altoholic…

  1. Hi – My name is Kilanna and I am an altaholic too. It has been almost 2 weeks since I created my last alt:p *See some of my latest posts regarding my short attention span and shiny new “secret” brig alt*

    So agree with you. For me it is what you call the noodling around that has appealed lately. I have all my crafters and I am leveling my dirge properly – even keeping my fishing skill close to max… but they are all guilded.

    I love my guildmates and would do anything I can for them, but it is wonderful to be able to escape and be completely self indulgent for just a wee while.

  2. lol 🙂 and yes I have been enjoying reading about your adventures with your baby alts 🙂

    yes a complete escape into the lovely little world of Timorous Deep (or similar) and being able to completely switch off…. I still have 3 slots (poss 4) which I can redo / create at need 😉

    I should also say that I have stolen the term ‘noodling’ from Jianne our swashie hehe 🙂

    *i am also a smileyaholic… Quite shockingly, I do go through my posts and delete at least half of those I have put in 😉 *

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