You can’t have my shinies!

I’ve been mostly working on Saraya’s Inquisitor epic weapon the last couple of nights.  On Sunday night, Kalyyn and Dimzad (on Glarim) were off raiding with our allied Guild, I could have gone too but the baby is teething so I needed to be able to afk at the drop of a hat (well… drop of a dummy ;)). I ended up doing the solo parts of my epic quest instead.  I went into Chelsith and invis’d round to grab the tablets – a few deaths by the flying, flaming poos 😦 but I got there in the end.  You can zone out and zone back in and they repop fortunately, which I hadn’t quite figured out as I thought I had to wait 30 mins for the timer to reset, but if you don’t kill anything it seems to reset immediately so I could have done this stage much quicker… nevermind 😉  I then went off to the Rubble Rabble caves in Kunzar Jungle to kill Burynai for the mace pommel.  Their emotes are quite funny especially given the amount of badger feeding I do for shinies 😉  I killed over 40 of them, including a named, and didn’t get my update 😦  I gave up when I pulled a few too many and died…  

Last night, we did a guild group into Scion of Ice.  Dimzad tanked, I healed with Saraya, Yswbriel furied away, we had double the swashie power with Jianne and Solinarii and Ruari very kindly brought his coercer Seethru to make the fight with the twin scribes much easier.  We did very well –  we mentored down to Solinarii’s lvl 68 but the zone still provided us with a good challenge.  The scribes were still a hard fight, we wiped on the first attempt, killed one and then wiped and then came back finished off Zaza 🙂  Dimzad and Saraya then went off to the Burynai burrows to get her epic update.  2nd mob… i got update… LOL it was the lucky zerker dwarf I think 😉  We then thought we’d have a go at the 75 heroic frogloks – yes you read right – I have to kill 75 heroic slave frogloks in Sebilis 😛  

We got down to the Jail area on the lower level with no problems, unfortunately we then wiped at that bit.  Where I had run back a bit trying to run away (yes I’m a very brave inquisitor!), I only had the option to revive right back at the beginning but luckily Dimzad had the option to revive just back a bit 🙂  Even more jammily, Saraya had one charge left of her teleportation orb so she called to Dimzad.  Unfortunately, we had the named Nihilist guy in our way so no option but to try and kill him…  It was an EPIC fight and we won!  The fight took ages, I used up all my emergency heals – but omg that dwarf can soak up the damage!  We were getting closer and closer to getting the Nihilist’s health to 10% (so I could Verdict him!) and Dimzad’s health was getting scarier and scarier and I had no heals left… I think Dimzad got to about 2% and he put on his buff which gives him a load of health but it kills him if it runs out and he’s not beserk 😉  It took 2 attempts at Verdict (with my power nearly completely gone – so was quite fraught!) and finally he died!  Then Dimzad died cos he wasn’t berserk 😛  That’s why I keep playing this game – little achievements like that are so cool!  Anyways, I rezzed him and we carried on.  We found a safe spot at the beginning of the slave area, and started killing froggies.  Unfortunately they have quite a lot of HP, so although we could kill them, it was quite slow going.  

By this point, Kalyyn had finished in Veeshan’s Peak and he brought Ashenshugar and Poxridden over to help 🙂  I have now killed 27 froggies and will finish this another night now.  Dimzad logged in his very cute little halfling conjy and parked him in the safe spot, which will make getting down there again much easier 😉


2 comments on “You can’t have my shinies!

  1. I remember helping a guildie with that step to kill the Frogs in Seb… think we did it over a couple of evenings.

    It looked like a chore, but a good group of friends seemed to make it much less painful.

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