I’m back ;)

I had a lovely week away and I did manage to fit some gaming in!  I mainly stuck to crafting quests and gathering with Oaphepia as I didn’t need to concentrate too hard and I did a few quick solo shard runs too.  I also solo healed most of Scion of Ice (we didn’t have time to get to the Scribes and the final named), it was a fair challenge but I coped!  I found out after that Dimzad had been running around in offensive stance 😛

Dimzad and I had been trying to run a couple of alts through the Lavastorm quests so we can do up to 3 daily solo shards (if we want to that is), but my assassin and his conjuror made a bit of a pig’s ear of it and we died quite a lot.  So when a call came from our allied guild to go into the Shard of Hate – we jumped at the chance!  Kalyyn has written a good account of the raid, so I will just say that I had loads of fun and am completely chuffed that a Ranger master dropped 😀  

I was back home yesterday, so last night we decided to get ourselves a trophy for our Guild Hall 😉  Dimzad (zerker), Kalyyn (temp), Jianne (swashie), Fearghal (defiler), Senquis (77 ranger), Seabreeze (dirge and on follow!) and suzita, my ranger went off to Labs!  I was surprised at just how easy it was, the only time we had a little trouble was deciding how to deal with Lord Vyemm and Alzid Prime.  After a few wipes, I pulled with amazing arrow, Dimzad rescued the dragon off of me and we just burned them down.  We came out of the zone with Lord Vyemm’s head (which now sits proudly and slightly lonely in our Guild Hall) and a handful of mana’s from muted loot 🙂   Dimzad and I then helped Kalyyn with a heroic mob kill, and then they both very very kindly helped Saraya with her epic updates in Chardok!


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